Where to buy, exchange cryptocurrency

Our earnings on the Web depend, in many respects, not only on skill and diligence, but also on the currency in which we receive money for work, and in what currency we spend what we earn. The exchange rate, which allows dozens of exchange sites to live and earn money, is often far from official analogues (rubles, dollars, euros) and makes us waste both time looking for a favorable rate and money – after all, it is simply unrealistic to study all the exchange offers.
Significant assistance both in choosing an exchanger and in assessing the fairness and benefits of the exchange rate of electronic currencies is provided by the www.bestchange.com service , which provides honest, unbiased information online.
Of course, not all exchange points are included in the monitoring service – it is based on the study of data only from the most stable exchangers, since untrustworthy points, sites with a bad reputation or simply with a low BL level are excluded from the list.